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A Candle for My Daughter’s Dedication - March 12, 2016 by Editor

When I met my husband, I was not a Christian. Falling in love with him was the easiest thing I ever did though, and he taught me about the God that he serves. I knew that my life had changed even more so than just meeting and falling in love with him because of that. We were married, and it was not long before I found out I was pregnant. Nine months later, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. One of the first things I did the week after I got home was look at dedication and baptism candles online.

I did not want my daughter going through life lost like I had. read the entry »

Прохождение starbound [pleased giraffe v5] ◄#29► - January 8, 2016 by Stephen B. Perez
  1. Прохождение starbound pleased giraffe v5, в котором нам предстоит исследовать галактику, попутно улучшая космический корабль, убивая боссов, и строя колонии!
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  3. Allow me to introduce myself.


  4. Dr. Richard Thorpe, a Physician and Texas Cattle Producer, touts the health benefits of beef. (Video courtesy of NCBA)
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    Ich freue mich sehr.


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Deals in Colorado for Direct TV - March 12, 2016 by Editor

I just bought a house on a side of mountain, in Colorado, and it is really a pretty house, but I need to get TV hooked up for the house. I am afraid that I will not be able to get cable, even if I wanted to do so, because my house is in such a remote location. Therefore, my only option is to get direct tv in colorado and I want to find a deal soon, because I am already living in this new house. At the moment, I do not have any source of entertainment, other than watching television on my phone. That is not very fun, but it is something. Well, I can actually cast stuff from my phone, to my television set, but it is not like I have a lot of programming to choose from when I do so.

I can’t wait to have hundreds of channels again. read the entry »

Let’s Make a Stand Against Cable - February 25, 2016 by Editor

I’ve decided to do something that I didn’t think I would be forced to do but I’ve had enough with Time Warner and Comcast making me pay so much for my cable bill that I’ve cut the cord. I’m done with them at last and you know what? I’m happy because of it. Instead I chose to go with since they are willing to offer me nearly the exact same packages for almost half the price. This is what makes cable television crazy and if they continue to go down this path of not changing their business model they are going to lose more customers.

I personally cannot believe that they have even lasted as long as they have. It’s time for something new to come along to force them into direct competition. Without any competition they are allowing themselves to stagnate since they don’t have any reason to try new and radical ideas. read the entry »

I Can Afford My Own Online Gaming Server! - February 21, 2016 by Editor

I like gaming. I am into the multi-user online game environments so much that I now have my own virtual private server. I never thought this game would take off like it did. I was a player in the early days. I like VPS hosting for Australia because of its reliability and affordability to me. I am not a business that is making a fortune on selling products. This is a hobby to me, so my budget is very limited. If you are going to set up your own server for an online game, you want reliability and speed.

Server reliability is measured in up time. It should be above 99 percent for a good server company. read the entry »

I Am Getting Some Work Done So That I Can Smile Again - February 14, 2016 by Editor

Long embarrassed of my teeth, I stopped smiling. I did not think it would be a big deal, but over time, I found that it affected my mood. Curious, I did a little researching online and found that smiling is a mood booster. Doctors tell you that you need to smile and laugh to help yourself feel better. This made a lot of sense because I saw it happening with myself. I found a grand rapids cosmetic dentist to go see after that. I did not know what he would tell me, but I felt that I owed it to myself to at least listen to what he would recommend for me.

The issue with my teeth is that my front teeth are very crooked. I had great teeth growing up. I never had to have braces as a young person. But as I grew older, they slowly began moving out of place. I also felt that they were very crowded as well. read the entry »

Designing a User Friendly Front End Experience - January 22, 2016 by Editor

While marketers are worrying over the commercial aspect and game app developers struggle to achieve monetary success, they are commended for their efforts at prioritizing user experience more than ever before, which is the main reason why games have been rated highest in terms of popularity. With this year’s forecast for the most popular category to be F2P games in the ‘non-casual’ genre, for now developers are relying heavily on in-app purchasing and advertisement revenue. Some games, like Agar, have their own hack, third party developer tools allowing the users to tweak and modify the game code as they see fit. This offers them the unique capability to enjoy and experience the game however they wish.

Previously, the majority of gamers were serious ‘hard core’ professionals, now they include a mixed variety, and lately, there has been a surge in minor and women players and senior citizens. The business model of pre-web 2. read the entry »