Environmentally Friendly Technology in Developing Nations

I am trying to do some research on how third world countries in Africa with respect to implementing green technology, and green power generation in particular. I am sure that it is not nearly as much as what some of the more developed nations have done, and maybe in a lot of cases, there could be no implementation of such technology. I have been reading about a Mr. Chagoury who has been doing some work in Nigeria with environmentally friendly technology and I am interested to learn more about his background, and what sort of technologies are being used in the country.

I really feel like the worst threat of continued climate change comes from the inability of poor and developing nations to change the technology that they use and how they generate their electricity. A lot of times, they simply won’t have the money to buy different technology, and beyond that, they may not care about climate change, or even believe that it is real. Of course, there are a lot of climate change deniers in even the most developed nations, such as the United States. So I think that in general, real change towards a more environmentally friendly world is going to take decades to accomplish, if not longer.

Who knows if it will be too late to save the environment, on such a time frame for meaningful change. I think it is outlandish to think that we could simply terraform a different planet to use after we destroy this one. At least, it is outlandish with our current technology, or even the technology I think is going to exist in 50 years from now. So I think that our only real chance is to change how we are impacting the climate across the world, and I hope we can do it.

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