Perfect View and Great Company

Boston is a pretty fantastic city, but I didn’t think I would be able to live there. I grew up living in the heart of Pittsburgh, and that was pretty chaotic for me. I knew that Boston is a lot busier, and I just did not want to put myself through that with how I felt about city living. That is why I started looking at apartments for rent in Revere MA when I was hired on at the university in Boston. I didn’t mind that it would take me a bit longer to get home from work because it was not that much longer at all, just a few minutes.

Those extra few minutes are really worth it to me to be able to live in a much slower paced community. I also thought it would be nice to be in a community where I won’t often run into my students while I am out and about since most of them live in the dorms at the university. Another bonus is that the rent is a bit cheaper since I am not taking up prime real estate space, so to speak.

The apartments are actually nicer because of the view here in Revere too. The few apartments I had looked at in Boston did not have a good view at all because of all the buildings around them. Here at my apartment in Revere, I can look at the ocean and the sunsets, which are two of my favorite things here. I like a lot of the other things about my apartment here too, but it is the people who make up our little community that I like the best. I never expected to find a family of sorts here, but that is exactly how we view each other here, and that is really nice!

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Leaving for a Better Life Included a New Place and Apartment

My job was not working out so well for me. I was having trouble getting along with my boss, who is a tyrant. I felt nothing but dread every time that he would walk into the room. I don’t think the problem was fully mine because he treated other people poorly, too. But I really needed to be in a bigger city where there are more jobs available. I had been looking at Draper apartments for awhile due to thinking it would be a good place to move and work. I just knew that it was necessary for me to make a change, rather than waiting the situation out because things were not getting any better at all with my boss.

When I first met my boss, he was charming and friendly. I met him on the day that I interviewed. I really liked him right away. That feeling went on for some time after I took the job. But as the days went by, I noticed more and more that he was really rude to employees who are a lower position than he is. The situation grew worse over time. He seemed to be the worst with me. I feared getting fired, and morale was really low in the office. I couldn’t quit immediately because jobs were not easy to get in our tiny little city.

I combed the job want ads in the newspapers of nearby cities for a month, and hen I found one that looked really promising. I put in my resume immediately and they hired me. I rushed to find a new place, and found the nicest apartment in a complex that had just been built 6 months prior to me finding them. I’ve since moved in and have been realyy enjoying my new, peaceful job and my new place, too.

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