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Ever wonder how to market on Facebook without needing to develop and Maintain a Facebook Fan Page?

Let’s face it, Facebook is a great social media tool, However, a lot of our internet marketing clients tell us it takes up too much of their time.

Don’t throw away this tool quite yet. Facebook can be a great way to tap into a whole new area of clients.

Facebook is a very demographically based tool. When someone registers for Facebook they are asked to put in a lot of details about themselves. Users are asked about their likes, interests, hobbies, income, and much more. Facebook has now just become a powerful internet marketing tool.

Markomm, a SEO Denver Internet Marketing Firm, can help you tap into the amazing power of Facebook – without requiring you to have a Facebook Fan Page.

For more information about Facebook marketing and developing a winning social media strategy, contact Jeff Hensiek at 866-503-7673.

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