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Long embarrassed of my teeth, I stopped smiling. I did not think it would be a big deal, but over time, I found that it affected my mood. Curious, I did a little researching online and found that smiling is a mood booster. Doctors tell you that you need to smile and laugh to help yourself feel better. This made a lot of sense because I saw it happening with myself. I found a grand rapids cosmetic dentist to go see after that. I did not know what he would tell me, but I felt that I owed it to myself to at least listen to what he would recommend for me.

The issue with my teeth is that my front teeth are very crooked. I had great teeth growing up. I never had to have braces as a young person. But as I grew older, they slowly began moving out of place. I also felt that they were very crowded as well. I could not remember a time when younger where I really noticed my teeth, but as they began moving and shifting in my mouth, I could feel a slight pressure that made me believe that crowding was going on.

Aside from my teeth being crooked, they just did not look good anymore. I would sometimes smile at myself in the mirror and felt that my teeth looked old. That, in turn, made my face look older. I wanted to feel good about myself again. I wanted to smile like everyone else and feel good about what other people see. The dentist I went to suggested that I have two teeth pulled in order to free up some space in my mouth. Next, he said that I should get braces to help move the teeth apart a bit. After that, he suggested that I get veneers. He was able to use his computer to show me what I would look like after everything was done, and I immediately said yes after seeing the picture on the screen.


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