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I like gaming. I am into the multi-user online game environments so much that I now have my own virtual private server. I never thought this game would take off like it did. I was a player in the early days. I like VPS hosting for Australia because of its reliability and affordability to me. I am not a business that is making a fortune on selling products. This is a hobby to me, so my budget is very limited. If you are going to set up your own server for an online game, you want reliability and speed.

Server reliability is measured in up time. It should be above 99 percent for a good server company. Getting a virtual private server is a money saver. The new servers can have multiple separate instances of the operating system running at one time. More than one client can be on a VPS. You never overlap, and you have full control of your version of the operating system including a reboot without affecting other users. Having the ability to have more than one server running on a single piece of hardware greatly lowers the cost for the monthly server fees.

The VPS hosting for Australia that I use has a very reliable uptime rating. I do not think I have experienced any times yet where gamers could not log onto my server unless it was me who made a mistake or was doing game maintenance. I do not get any complaints of lag either. That is important. In a virtual server environment, the hardware needs to be able to handle the traffic without lagging. This is especially true in gaming where users are controlling movements in a game in competition with one another. I am really happy how the advancement of technology has made it so I can have my own online server.


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