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I went looking for apartments in apartments in Alamo Heights last month, and ended up finding some place to live and a girlfriend! I had been on my own for so long that I was not even expecting to find anyone to date anytime soon. It was such a pleasant surprise to find someone who has turned out to be my soulmate. She is the apartment manager at the complex that I decided to rent at. It was love at sight for both of us.

The day that I walked into my girlfriend’s office, I was a bit tired from looking at another of other apartments for many hours. I was feeling a bit down that I would not be happy with what I would find next. But when I walked in, she had a big smile on her face and she welcomed me. I was suddenly nervous. She was so pretty. I could not believe it. She looked like an angel to me. I even found myself stuttering a little bit, which was embarrassing. She seemed to not notice though. She took me on a whirlwind tour of what she had available. Because I did not like the other places I had been to that day, I agreed to rent from her because I liked what she had shown me. Before I left, I drummed up all the courage I could to ask her for a date. I assumed she would say, but she told me she would be happy to go out with me.

We have been together ever since our first date. It is funny to think that I felt so alone for so long and didn’t think being with someone long term was in the cards for me anytime soon. But we are together all the time now, and we both think we are ready to get married.


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