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I’ve decided to do something that I didn’t think I would be forced to do but I’ve had enough with Time Warner and Comcast making me pay so much for my cable bill that I’ve cut the cord. I’m done with them at last and you know what? I’m happy because of it. Instead I chose to go with http://www.cable-tv.com/wow-cable/ since they are willing to offer me nearly the exact same packages for almost half the price. This is what makes cable television crazy and if they continue to go down this path of not changing their business model they are going to lose more customers.

I personally cannot believe that they have even lasted as long as they have. It’s time for something new to come along to force them into direct competition. Without any competition they are allowing themselves to stagnate since they don’t have any reason to try new and radical ideas. Sometimes ideas fail which is why some businesses don’t want to go through with them but those corporations that have to keep up with their competitors have no choice but to try new ideas and concepts in order to keep the customers they have.

I imagine when the FCC finally gets around to reclassifying the Internet we’ll finally see the competition that the American people need. We’re tired of paying so much for bloated cable packages that most of us don’t even use. I know for a fact I only watch six channels with any frequency so why should I be paying for any more of them? It’s absurd to make the American consumers pay for things that they don’t use in the slightest, especially when we’re trying to gain access to other content. They’ve too long robbed us and it’s time for all of that to change.


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