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This week on the Fourandhalf blog, we are talking about results and how quickly property management companies can expect to see them. This is one of three blogs we are doing on this topic, and today we will concentrate on SEO. Many property managers are asking when they’ll get to Page 1 on search results. If you’re on Page 85, you probably feel like no one is finding you and you want to move up. We have some insight and tips for a few different ways you can get better SEO.

SEO is like Training for a Marathon

SEO is like a marathon. When you decide that you want to be a marathoner and you want to win that race, you’ll begin training. That training will help you blow past the first 75 percent of people easily because you are serious about this. You’re not just a dilettante anymore, you’re a competitive marathoner. But passing those last 25 percent of people will be tough. They are working hard to be in front too. Keep this in mind with your SEO. You’ll get some great results at the beginning; getting from Page 8 million to Page 10 will happen fast. That will be easier than getting from Page 5 to Page 1.

Google Adwords

Adwords will get you on Page 1 right away. That’s the way Google works. They want your money so if you’re willing to pay them, you will get to that coveted spot on Page 1. In the average geographical area, the budget you’ll need is…

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